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Make money online is not easy as people say.We can’t make thousand dollar just 1 day without working for it.

In this site i’ll show you how to make money online techniques.You can also find people who have succeed in earning thousand dollar per day

Find your easiest way to make money online just in this site!!!

“Just follow the instructions step by step and get your money”

But before you read the instructions, I hope you have determined that making money online is not get rich overnight scheme.

Good Luck!!!

Jumat, 29 Agustus 2008

This Affiliate Program Tutorial aims to give you a quick overview.

by: Allan Gardyne

It's your road map to success as an affiliate.

I've been earning a good living from affiliate programs since 1998. Based on that experience, this tutorial tells you the 18 steps to take to generate a useful income from affiliate programs.

No tricks. No gimmicks. Just solid, reliable methods designed to work for years.

You have the choice of many different ways of earning affiliate commissions.

In my experience, you'll have your best chance of success if you do the following. Find a niche and create a useful, interesting, content-rich, keyword-rich website on one topic and weave in affiliate links and AdSense ads.

This method – with the more recent addition of AdSense ads – has worked beautifully for me since 1998.

I urge you to master this basic method. It's a bit like serving an apprenticeship.

As part of your apprenticeship you'll learn SEO (search engine optimization) skills, copywriting skills and various other Internet marketing skills which will prove to be invaluable, whatever route you choose next.

With any luck, you'll have a bit of fun, too! I do.

I include Google's AdSense in this tutorial. Strictly speaking, AdSense is an advertising network. However, in many ways it's similar to an affiliate program. I think AdSense is fantastic. It's free to join, free to use and easy to use.

It's often much easier to earn good money from AdSense than affiliate programs, so it's essential that you include AdSense in your plans.

OK. Let's get started...

1. Set a goal.

If you want to go somewhere, you need to know where you're going.

Let's start with a modest goal. Say you aim to earn a total of $300 (US) a month in affiliate commissions and AdSense revenue. Imagine what you could do with that money. A holiday? A better lifestyle?

I've kept the amount low, because it's important that you believe you can do this. Achieve small successes first, see the money in your hands or in your bank account, and then increase your goals.

Perhaps you have much larger goals. That's OK. Whatever your goals, I strongly recommend that you serve your apprenticeship by taking these 18 steps. They'll give you solid knowledge and experience on which to build your affiliate business.

2. Find your niche.

Read Ken Evoy's free Affiliate Masters Course and use the excellent advice in it to find a niche that suits you and your interests.

Print out the Affiliate Masters Course, find a quiet, comfortable spot and read it several times.

Spend a lot of time thinking carefully about this and jotting down notes. You're planning a business, so don't rush it. It's very important.

You'll probably avoid Internet marketing topics because that field is so overcrowded and competitive. It's much easier to succeed if you locate a less competitive niche.

Choose a topic that is easy to write about.

Even if you've already chosen a niche, I urge you to read the Affiliate Masters Course. It might make you change your mind.

You can follow your passion or chase the money. With luck – and a bit of keyword research – you may be able to do both.

Don't decide definitely on a niche topic until you've taken the next two steps...

3. Choose a profitable niche.

Do some research on Google AdWords and Wordtracker to choose the most profitable niche from among the ones you've chosen. Because you're planning to use AdSense, you want valuable keywords or key phrases, if possible ones that people are paying at least 50 cents per click for on AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

You're going to build a site the search engines love, so you also want to find key phrases that many people are typing into search engines. You don't rely on guesswork.

You must do this BEFORE you start building your web site. That's critically important.

Here's a useful free tool I like using for quick, rough keyword research:

Type in a phrase, for example, "hiking boots", click "Go", follow the instructions, and you can see how much advertisers are paying per click for that phrase on the Yahoo! Search Marketing (formerly Overture) network of websites.

You can also see how many people searched for the phrase the previous month. For a number of reasons, this figure is often unreliable and can be grossly exaggerated. That's why I double check results using Wordtracker.

Wordtracker's free trial is fairly limited. Fortunately, they allow you to subscribe cheaply for a day or a week at a time. It's very fast, so you can do an awful lot of keyword research in a day. I use the annual subscription now.

Go to Google's AdWords and find out how much advertisers are willing to pay for the keywords or key phrases you're interested in. You can do that by playing around with Google's free Keyword Tool.

For example, try putting in a keyword or phrase, such as "recipe" and click on "Get More Keywords". Pretend you're willing to pay the maximum per click the tool allows - 100. (It won't work properly if you ignore this.) Over on the right side of the page, make sure that "Cost and position estimates" is selected.

The tool will calculate for you the estimated average CPC (cost per click) for a whole lot of words and phrases. Try entering a different word, say "debt" or "hosting", click on "Re-calculate" and watch how the CPC changes.

You don't HAVE to choose a topic which has expensive keywords. Often topics that have expensive keywords are very competitive. You may do better choosing a less competitive niche with cheaper keywords.

If you use Site Build It you'll find the brainstorming tool in it awesome to help you come up with ideas and phrases you wouldn't have thought of without it.

Beware: If you choose certain topics, Google will not allow you to place AdSense ads on your site and you'll miss out on a very lucrative opportunity.

Such topics include gambling, firearms, ammunition, balisongs, butterfly knives, and brass knuckles; beer or alcohol; tobacco or tobacco-related products; and prescription drugs.

For a full list of topics you may wish to avoid see:

Publishers can choose to have their ads displayed only on Google or also on a large network of sites. Will AdSense ads you see on Google appear your pages? To get an idea, find web pages that have material similar to the content you're planning to create and look at their AdSense ads. You can also use AdSense's preview tool to see which ads are being displayed to people in different countries.

4. Research affiliate merchants.

Do research to see if there are suitable affiliate merchants which match your topic.

You want ones that have excellent products, excellent reputations and sites that look as though they're good at selling. You can search the affiliate directory for ideas.

Consider aiming for lifetime commissions.

If you're lucky, you'll manage to select a web site topic that has affiliate programs which pay lifetime commissions or residual commissions – the sort reviewed at

You'll earn repeat commissions when "your" customers make more purchases.

5. Build a useful, interesting web site on your niche.

Create a content rich, keyword-rich site, designed to be found in search engines.

Show your personality. Have a bit of fun. Be memorable. You need to connect with your visitors. Remember that people like buying from people they like.

There's no space in this affiliate program tutorial to describe how to build a web site. For that, you'll need a good instruction manual.

If you're short of money, you can hunt for free information on sites such HTMLGoodies.

You'll save yourself an enormous amount of time and frustration if you take the plunge and buy a good instruction manual written specifically for affiliates.

Here are the two best options:


For keen do-it-your-selfers, I recommend Rosalind Gardner's Super Affiliate Handbook.

Rosalind is a real been-there-done-that super affiliate.

Her instruction manual shows you how she builds very successful sites using web authoring software.

It starts right at the beginning, discussing topics such as myths about doing business online, mistakes to avoid, how to choose the best topic, how to choose the right domain name, etc.

The book, updated in May 2006, takes you step-by-step through the whole process.

One particularly useful feature is her explanation of how she achieves high conversion rates (visitor-to-sales ratios), achieving conversion rates of 4% or 6% while most affiliates are happy with 1%.

Another of the strengths of the book is her descriptions of a wide variety of ways to get traffic to your site. This is important - too many affiliates rely on just one or two traffic-generating methods. The more traffic-gemerating methods you have, the safer your business is.

Rosaland is genuinely successful, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Now she's also a very successful author, with sales of more $1 million from her book, which is excellent value.

When you learn from her, you're learning from a winner.

Learn more about Rosalind's Super Affiliate Handbook here.

For affiliates who want to simplify things as much as possible and automate the tedious techie stuff, I recommend Ken Evoy's Site Build It (SBI).

SBI is a site-building, site-hosting, site-promoting suite of tools, all in one place.

Once you have SBI, you don't have to go scurrying all over the Net adding more tools and software. You have almost all you need in one package, so you can concentrate on the fun part – creating useful, interesting content.

(Once you have SBI, the only addition you need to buy occasionally is a cheap, one-day subscription to Wordtracker. It's useful to double check the SBI brainstorming results against Wordtracker results.)

SBI comes with a newly updated, truly comprehensive instruction manual, a step-by-step Action Guide.

SBI is the tool I give my assistants.

Ken Evoy's instruction manual is doing my work for me. First it taught Rupert and now it's teaching Ros how to build a high quality, successful, revenue-generating site.

You could build a site without SBI, but using it saves you time and effort by simplifying the process.

SBI teaches you how to optimize your web pages so they'll be found in search engines. After building a page, you click the "Analyze It" button and it tells you what you need to do to improve it.

The SBI technique really works. Two of the SBI sites that Rupert built are included in the case studies on the SBI site.

See the proof in the SBI case studies

6. Add affiliate links.

As you write the articles for your site, weave affiliate links into them. Always have a typical visitor in mind as you write the articles. Speak to that visitor.

Your task as an affiliate is to help your visitor decide what to buy.

One successful technique is to gradually lead your visitor towards a purchase. Start by outlining a problem, discuss a good solution that has worked for you, and end the article with a link that is a call to action, such as a hyperlink that says, "Find out more here."

Your task as an affiliate is NOT to sell (that's the merchant's job) but to presell, to warm up your visitors. You want your visitors in a ready-to-buy frame of mind when they arrive at the merchant's site.

For superb advice on preselling, I strongly recommend you join Ken Evoy's 5 Pillar Affiliate Program. It's free to join.

Ken is an absolute whiz at preselling and he's renowned for working extremely hard to help his affiliates succeed. He has a superb program. It's been No.1 in my Top 10 for several years.

7. Place AdSense ads on your site.

Here's an excellent free AdSense tutorial.

If you have a good, popular site, it's remarkably easy to make good money with AdSense.

8. Get links.

First, link to other sites. Choose sites that have similar or related themes, and invite those sites to link to you.

This is hugely important. Search engines love sites that have many links to them – especially if those links come from sites which are themselves popular.

Now you see why I said build a useful, interesting web site. If you do that, people are more likely to link to your site.

Here's an article I wrote describing how to get reciprocal links.

9. Anchor text.

You'll also need to understand the importance of anchor text, the words you use to link to pages on your site, the words people use when they link to your site.

To search engines, anchor text is very important.

10. List your site in major directories and niche directories in your industry.

You probably already know about Yahoo! (good but expensive), DMOZ (often takes months to get into) and Zeal (tricky to get into; for non-commercial sites).

Here are some more directories (some charge a fee):

Gimpsysearch and directory
Looksmart (probably too expensive)
Best of the Web

Guides to web directories

David Mahler has a Guide to Web Directories. It's a good list of recommended web directories.

Here's another list:

How to find niche directories:


Go to Search It! (It's a very handy free research tool.)

Scroll to the Search Category, "Specialty Hubs and Directories"

Choose one of the 4 options in STEP 2

Read the "Click Here for Information..." help before proceeding

Complete STEPS 3 and 4, and then click on Search It!

Read the tutorial. It tells you what to do with the search results

Get your search results. You should be able to find relevant, themed hub sites and directories which will list your site. Some charge a fee, some are free.

11. Write articles and distribute them to article directories (fairly easy) and try to persuade newsletters and other sites to publish them (more challenging). This step isn't absolutely essential, but it helps enormously if you do it. Now you understand why it was so important that you chose a topic that was easy to write about.

12. Add more pages and get more links.

Keep adding useful, interesting, keyword-rich pages (you do research at Wordtracker for this) and keep encouraging more sites to link to your site.

Make friends with other web site owners, and more people will link to you...

13. Be patient.

If your new site is typical, nothing much will seem to happen for the first couple of months or so, and you'll probably become frustrated and find it hard to believe that this is going to work.

You're likely to feel annoyed, cheated and ready to quit. You're likely to be a prime target for people selling get-rich-quick junk.

Many affiliates give up at this stage. Stick with it. If you're persistent and get the details right, the process I'm describing works beautifully.

Learn something new every day. Do something to improve your business every day. If you do that, success is inevitable.

14. Expect to see signs of success.

Eventually, because of all the links to your site on other sites, Google, Yahoo! and MSN will find your site and start sending you traffic.

Perhaps around the three-month or four-month stage you'll be receiving 100 visitors a day. Visitors will like what they see and some site owners will start linking to you and asking you to link to them.

Keep at it. You're just getting warmed up.

15. The payoff...

About six months down the road, after little expense but quite a lot of hard work and research, you hit your magical $300 a month mark, from affiliate sales and from AdSense ads on your site.

Depending on the niche you've chosen and the skills you've learned, you might earn considerably more than $300.

Perhaps after 12 months, you'll be earning $500 to $1,000 a month from your site.

The checks keep coming in, month after month, even when you take a little vacation. You start telling friends how easy affiliate marketing is, and are puzzled when they're not convinced.

Of course, it's not really easy. It just seems easy after you've done the hard work.

...or the NON-payoff

If you've merely scanned the instruction manual and jumped right in without doing any research and built a "Make Money on the Internet" site, you'll probably earn very little. A search on Google for "make money" displays more than 4 million pages. If one of those is yours, you have a LOT of competition.

If you did this and it isn't working for you, go back to step 1 and start again.

16. Tweak your site.

To boost your conversion rate (your visitor-to-sales ratio), try little experiments, one thing at a time.

Try changing the heading on a page, the words, the colors, the placement of your links. With each change wait until about 1,000 visitors have seen the change, and monitor your affiliate commissions to see if they rise or fall.

You do this because you understand that if 1% of your visitors are buying and tiny changes boost your success rate to 2%, you'll DOUBLE your commissions.

17. The future

When you reach your goal of $300 a month, you wonder whether you should expand your site, perhaps adding a newsletter, an autoresponder course or two, a forum, RSS newsfeeds, a blog, a whitepaper, a report to sell ... and turn it into a portal. You dream big. Perhaps you even start dreaming of having your own affiliates promoting your reports for you...

Or perhaps you just research another little overlooked niche and start on your next simple little, low-maintenance money-generating site.

It can be done. The main ingredient needed is persistence. Been there, done that, and I have a very nice lifestyle to prove it.

The $300 a month target is very conservative. If that's all you earn, you've done something "wrong". You haven't chosen profitable keywords carefully enough, you haven't built enough attractive, keyword-rich pages, you haven't learned the basics of optimizing pages for search engines, or you haven't attracted enough good quality links to your site.

That's the wonderful thing about this business. You can make lots of mistakes and still earn useful money. Just don't make TOO many mistakes.

18. Take the first step.

That's the one that matters most.

I suggest you go back and read through this affiliate program tutorial again.

Picture yourself owning a successful Internet business. Picture yourself opening letters and finding checks in them.

Imagine enjoying yourself spending the money, perhaps even giving up your day job so that you can concentrate on your own business.

Now take the first step.

And when you've quit your day job, please write and tell me. I love getting emails like that.

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Make Money

Money Making Hobbies
by: Steve Gillman

Which ones can be money making hobbies? A friend made a life-sized cow out of plywood once. He painted it, put it in the yard, and people started asing if he would sell it. He soon had a waiting list of customers for his plywood cows. With a profit of about fifty dollars each, he wasn't getting rich, but isn't making money with your hobby more fun than a job?

Money Making Hobbies - Two Approaches

The first approach is obvious: Look for ways to make money with your existing hobby or hobbies. What do you produce that other people might want? Do you collect dolls? You might produce a newsletter for other doll collectors, or buy and sell doll furniture.

The second approach is to think of all the hobbies you might take up that can generate a second income for you. When I found that I really enjoyed making walking sticks as a hobby, I sold more than a thousand dollars worth one summer. There are probably things you would enjoy doing that can make some money.

Get creative in your thinking. Look at the list of activities or hobbies below, and see if you can think of a way they can be used to make money. Do you like to travel? You might become a tour guide, or write articles for magazines.

Painting ... Crafts of all sorts ... Sewing ... Caring for animals ... Talking ... Playing with computers ... Traveling ... Rock Climbing ... Stamp Collecting ... backpacking

How To Make Money With ANY Hobby

In the past, you could argue that not all hobbies can be money making hobbies. This is no longer true. If you go to my sites, you'll notice the ads. I just copy and paste some code (no selling involved), and make a little bit everytime you click on one. In a matter of days, with almost no money, you can have a website up where you write about your favorite hobby, and collect for the advertising clicks.

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Something You Must Know!!!!!!!!!!

by: Shaj Mohamed

Paid surveys are being promoted as an easy way to make money online. Some ads promise you up to $250 per hour for taking paid surveys. Are they realistic? Can one really expect to earn that much money from online paid surveys? Let us find out the answers to these questions.

Such advertisements are usually put up by paid survey database companies like Surveyscout. They charge you for giving access to a database of market research companies, often in the range of $30 to $60. They typically have 400 to 500 survey companies in their database.

Is it worth paying these companies to get access to such a database? Whatever information you get from these companies, you can get for free on the internet on many free online survey sites. Secondly, these survey database companies do not send any surveys by themselves, and you have to join each market research company in their database individually to get any surveys. In addition, most of the survey companies in their databases are good for nothing. Only about 40 to 50 survey companies are really worth joining.

What does this mean? If you are planning to try online surveys, you never have to pay anyone. You can get the list of the best survey companies for free on the internet. You can join them and get started.

Now let us take a closer look at on the rewards offered by paid online surveys. Survey companies can be divided into those which reward you with cash for each survey, those that give you points which can be redeemed for cash, and those which enter you into sweepstakes or prizedraws.

Survey companies that pay cash give $1 to $20 or more per online survey depending on many factors. This group includes many of the best survey sites like American Consumer Opinion Panel, Surveysavvy, Ciao Surveys, Greenfield online(Gozing) and Pinecone Research. You can expect to get 1 to 4 surveys per month from each site.

Surveys that reward you with points let you accumulate reward points which you can later redeem for cash or gifts. Some of the most reputed market research companies like Globaltestmarket, Opinion Outpost, NFO Mysurvey and Lightspeed Research reward you in this way.

Yet other companies enter you into draws for cash or gifts as reward for taking surveys. Although many people don't like this form of reward system, your chances of getting the prize is quite good as the pool to select the prize winners is usually small. Some good survey companies that follow this reward system are Synovate, NPD Research, NOP World (, ECN Research and Nielsen Netratings.

Another important factor which determines how much you can earn from online surveys is your profile, particularly your country. Generally residents of the USA and Canada can expect to make more money from paid surveys, as there are more market research companies operating in these countries. Also they get more frequent surveys. However, participants from other countries can also hope to make some good extra money from paid online surveys.

All said and done, the maximum earnings an average person can expect from doing paid surveys is not more than $200 to $300 per month. This can be a good source of extra income for some people. But the claims that paid surveys can make you rich or replace your real job are largely unfounded. Hence, it is always best to stay with free paid surveys.

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Make Money Today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by: Costa Dedes

Make money successEver heard of the Swap Clix Method?
"How would you like to earn an extra $100, $500, or $1000 every week with 15 minutes of your time?"
Im not pulling your leg!
Make money 15 minutes from now!
Discover the secrets of Swap Clix! New methods combine the power of Google's AdWords and AdSense -never seen before!
Are you like me? Trying to make money on the internet but failing at every attempt? I spent all sorts of money on how to make money products, guaranteed income products, MLM marketing. You name it I've been there.
Then one day I had an idea. An amazing idea actually.

I have found a way to create a never ending stream of income. This method has never been released to the public before. Very few, if anyone has implemented this. I have decided to share my idea with you. The only thing I ask is you do not share this information with anyone.
Why am I sharing this information you ask? Well the main reason is I spent so much money on programs that promised me riches. None of them have delivered. I know how you feel, and I want to put an end to it. I guarantee you will make money with my system or I will refund you 100% of your purchase price!

Now before I get to deep into the details let me tell you what this program is NOT.
This is not a promote my affiliate program to make money! This is not a put ads in the newspaper to make money! This is not a stuff envelope scam to make money! This is not a make money with surveys program! This is not a paid to read email program! This is not a paid to click program! This is not like anything you have ever seen!

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Earn Money Online

By Anna Williams

Earn money online. Easier said than done, it seems. Yet still, a lot of people are looking for ways to make money. If one starts to look around, one will find that there are lots of ways of making money on the Internet, even in these days of economic slowdown.

The Internet has opened up many new money making opportunities that were not possible before. Some skeptics may say it is virtually impossible to succeed online, or that it is difficult to make money at home, but this is not necessarily true.

One of the key methods of making money on the Internet is having an honest product or service to offer. After that, it is simply a matter of getting that product or those services known and delivered.

So how do you factor the Internet into this proposition of how to earn money online?

Well, due to the ability of just about anyone to log on to the Internet, at any location at any time that they have access to a computer with a connection, you can essentially have an online "store" or business that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at little or no running costs. This is one way to work from home.

So what are a few of the ways to earn money online?

One of the ways that people earn money online is through building websites around specific subjects that people are interested in. They work to get their site into the top ten results of search engine (such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) for related high-traffic keywords. Once the site is in the top 10 rankings it can get hundreds, if not thousands, of visitors per day - depending on the subject they choose.

When you have enough correctly-targeted visitors arriving on your site, you will start to make money with the site.

How do you set up the site to earn money?

Well, there are actually many ways to make money from your website.

One can offer products for sale; this is a good way to make money. But it requires one have a product to sell. Believe it or not, this is much easier to solve than one might think.

There are many companies that sell products online. Most of them will offer a commission if you help sell their products for them. These are called "affiliate programs." They have the product, you offer the product for sale on your site, and when you get a sale from your site, the company will give you a commission. It is very simple to set this up. The company will give you special text links or banner ads which you can add to your site. These links are embedded with tracking codes which will enable you to be credited for the sale and paid a commission.

This can be a relatively easy way to make money online, once you have sufficient traffic to your site.

The beauty of this system of generating income, is that you don't have to deal with any of the details of production, shipping, customer service, etc. All you have to do to make money is refer the sales.

The above is just one of the ways to make money on the Internet. There are many more.

Another method used to make money is the Google AdSense program.

There are many companies that want to advertise on the web. A lot of the advertising is done by "pay per click" advertising programs run by companies such as Google, Yahoo, and others. You provide ad-space on your web page, and they place the ads. When people arrive to your website and click the ads, you receive a small commission for each click (the amount of the payment depends on the ad).

A high traffic-page receiving clicks on ads can earn tens or even hundreds of dollars per day in AdSense commissions.

There are many more ways to make money on the Internet. But the above should give you a general idea of how simple it can be to earn money online.

But, although I say it's simple, that doesn't mean you won't have to work for it - or that it's an easy way to make money fast. That would be a lie.

This is what the famous "dot com bust" was all about; people thinking they could just set up an "Internet business" do nothing, and make lots of money.

One of the really great things about the Internet business opportunity, is that you can do it at your own pace. In fact, while working from home in your spare time, you can establish it, bit by bit.

I'm not saying that this would be the fastest way, but it is a safe and it is doable. You do not have to quit your job, and you can start this as a part-time home business.

This is a way to make money at home, through what we call "passive income" or "residual income." As you build your site and get more traffic to it, your income builds up, bit by bit.

What qualifications do you need, to earn money online while working from home?

None whatsoever. There are many work-from-home moms who make money on the Internet. And many people without college degrees or even high-school diplomas are earning hundreds of thousands online.

But one would need a willingness to learn, and to devote some time to setting up your business at home. You have to be willing to work for it.

If you are not willing to work, it is better to buy a lottery ticket. But that is leaving things up to chance, and you will only make money fast if you have the winning number.

You do need a computer, an Internet connection, and probably webhosting (which costs a few dollars per month and usually allows you to host multiple websites on one account). Free webhosting can also be found, as well as free blog accounts. While these free accounts also provide many ways to earn money online, they are far more limited than paid accounts. In my opinion, the limits this will put on your traffic and your income is not worth the few dollars per month that you will save.

You can find free publications and reference materials online, which will can you to learn how to make money on the Internet. Some are better than others.

But, as a word of warning: I would avoid any that promote that you can make thousands or millions of dollars by doing little or nothing, or that tell you can "make money fast." These are usually known as "work at home scams," or "get rich quick schemes" and they will uniformly ask you to invest in some product they are offering.

I would look for some reputable sources that really tell you how to do it. And a little time spent on checking up on what you find, is time well invested. If you do decide to invest in an informational product or other service to help you learn how to make money online, try to make sure that it has a refund policy of some kind, in case it turns out not to be useful.

In short, if you are truly want to learn how to earn money online, it can be done. There are many ways of doing it, and you can be successful without making any huge financial investments.

All you need is an ability and willingness to work and learn. A small amount of time set aside every day will get you started.

It can also be fun and interesting. In fact, for some people, learning how to make money online becomes and enjoyable activity and even a hobby. Work does not have to be boring!

Every successful Internet marketer started small, and grew into something big. Once it starts rolling you can always decide whether you want to quit your day job and do it full-time.

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Best Way to Make Money Online Using Free Traffic Methods

By Willie Davis Platinum Quality Author

Are you looking for the best way to make money online using free traffic methods? If you are new to your online venture and are scared of overspending on your marketing efforts; then you will definitely want to read this article in its entirety. We will take the time to discuss the best way to make money online using free traffic methods.

If you were to start an offline business then you know that there is no way to really begin your business without spending money; whether it is your own money or someone else's money. However the beauty of internet marketing anyone can begin making money online; even if you do not have a lot of start up capitol. So what is the best way to make money online if you do not know a lot about marketing or using the internet to begin making money?

Affiliate marketing is the best way for any newbie to begin making money online. You do not have to have your own site or product. There are many affiliate networks you can join to begin promoting other people's products. So what is an affiliate network you ask? It is a market place that has thousands of products in several different niches that you can browse and literally begin making money today. However when you begin browsing these sites you want to know what people are willing to spend money on. Otherwise you can spend a lot time putting effort into something that does not work.

Clickbank is one of the most popular affiliate networks that people join. They keep track of all your sales for you and will even give you statistics of what people are willing to spend their money on. I highly recommend it for anyone who is just beginning. You can begin getting biweekly checks from them whenever your commissions reach $25; so the pay out is extremely low.

If you can get enough traffic to the sales page that the affiliate program provides you can begin making sales today. This is the most important part of any business; whether it is an online business or offline business. Without any customers you can forget about making money in any venture.

However when you are first beginning I highly recommend not spending too much money on your marketing efforts; as it can be a huge learning curve and not many people understand how to really use PPC (pay per click.)

If you are looking for the best way to make money online using free traffic methods; visit our site below. Yes you will still need a little bit of start up capitol; however I can guarantee that in just 30 days you will begin getting commission checks from Clickbank. If you are willing to follow a proven system that will take you step by step on how to succeed online with an affiliate program. The best way to begin making money is to follow someone who had success in the area you are looking to have success in!

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Easy Way To Make Money Online

By Lucas Adamski

Nowadays making money online become a very popular search. Many people are looking to generate income from the comfort of own home because they can be theirs own boss, have more time for the family, friends and be free. A lot of us are struggling of the "rat race" working 9-5, we are looking for a better lifestyle, more freedom and time to ourselves. That's why I want to present you my easy ways to make money online.

Here are my top 5 easy ways to make money online:

1. Make descent money online selling other people stuff, it can be ebooks, software, audios, templates. I recommend you to go to It's one of the biggest sites offering many affiliate products. The advantage of being affiliate is that you don't need to bother about payments or card processing. Everything is handled for you, what you have to do is just to promote these products. You will be rewarded with 50-70% commission for each sale.
2. Do you have something to sell on auctions? Internet can be a great way to sell useless products for you and generate some money. Go to, the biggest auction site on the internet. That's a great opportunity if you have some reselling rights of digital products like ebooks, audios, software, templates etc. With reselling rights you will be able to sell legally someone other products and charge full amount. In comparison to affiliate programs where you get 50% here you get the all price.
3. You can offer services to other people. It can be web design, article writing, translation, data entry, research, transcription, virtual assistant. Some of them, like last ones, don't require any specific skills. That's why I think they are best and very easy ways to make money online. If you think that you are good in writing, designing or anything where is a high demand you should create a profile on or and offer your service.
4. Another easy way to make money online is creating a blog. Registering a blog is very simple and quick to do. You can set up blog very easily either on or You can make money from adsense ads on your blog, banners, text links, sponsored reviews, paid posts and other ads. There are many opportunities. Make a blog about the topic you are related to, you have some knowledge. It can be your hobby or interest. Remember that content is a king, write quality posts, rich of keywords and useful information.
5. Make money online selling own photos. You don't need to have any fancy camera, the more important is high resolution of your pictures. If you have already some big collection of good photos, register to and start selling!

These 5 easy ways to make money online are my favorite one. I choose them also because they are easy to implement for new person in internet business and most of them don't require much skills. The problem I found that many people have is that they are not taking action. Act now and don't read another page about "making money online". I already showed you many lucrative ways to do it, so don't think about it but do it!

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Can You Make Money Developing and Marketing Information Products?

by Marnie Pehrson

"If you're an entrepreneur, service professional or small business owner, information marketing is absolutely your fastest, easiest and most economical way to attract more clients and put your business on a fast track to making millions while you sleep!" - Adam Urbanski, official information marketing expert

Marketing information products is one of the mainstays of the internet. In fact, I got my start online back in 1994, in the days of AOL and Compuserve. I wrote a book called "How to Run a Computer Training Business" and uploaded excerpts of it to the bulletin boards on AOL and Compuserve. People sent me checks in the mail and I sent them a spiral bound version of my book with an accompanying diskette. We've come a long way since those days to full-blown websites, teleseminars, webinars, videos and podcasting. Information marketing has gotten more sophisticated, but the principle is the same. If you have knowledge, expertise or an idea that people want and need so much that they're willing to pay you for it, then you can make money as an information marketer.

Adam Urbanski, the official information marketing expert on IdeaMarketers, told us that "Getting started with creating and selling your own info-products is relatively easy. And once you know what you're doing the results of your work can be very fast. Info-products are outrageously profitable. For example, the total cost to print, package and mail my first home-study course was only $8.46. I sold it for $97 and made $88.54 profit from each sale."

He continues, "Information marketing opens up multiple streams of passive and leveraged revenue. Today, using the Internet, you can deliver e-books, special reports, e-courses, even audio and video completely automatically with zero printing or materials cost!"

Kathy Gulrich, who got her start online as an information marketer before branching out into Manhattan real estate, explains: "For many business professionals, the idea of creating, producing, and marketing an information product is totally overwhelming. As a result, most people never even get started.

"Creating an information product doesn't have to be difficult, however. In fact, if you've been writing a newsletter for your customers, you can put together a profitable e-product in less than a day!"

Want to create your own sought-after article-based e-product? It's simple with Kathy Gulrich's free 5-step worksheet download.

While you're creating your information product, it's important to consider more than the product itself, but the entire experience you will give your customers. Customer Service expert, Digital Info Diva suggests, "During the research and design phase of any project, you should be thinking about ways to make your product customer friendly. This includes a follow-up sequence of messages to your customer not only to confirm the sale, but also to step them through the process of using and benefiting with the product. Building customer service into the backend of your launch helps to build a strong relationship with your customer to encourage future sales."

Don't think you have an idea in you? Don't consider yourself an expert. Think again. Stephanie Chandler, the Entrepreneur Expert with IdeaMarketers says, "I believe that we are all experts at something. Whether it's financial planning, parenting, knitting or customer service, you know more about your subject than the average person. With that in mind, you have the opportunity to make money from your knowledge by selling information products. Books, ebooks, workbooks, teleseminars and coaching programs are just some of the examples of products you can create.

"The real key to success," Stephanie says, "is to find your audience. Build a high-traffic website, publish a monthly e-newsletter and get on the speaking circuit. Partner with others who reach your target audience. If you stay focused and listen to feedback from your audience, you can literally build an empire by sharing what you know."

For a free podcast and/or audio download of a recent CreateAWOW interview with Stephanie Chandler, author of "From Entrepreneur to Infopreneur: Make Money with Books, eBooks and Information Products," go to

Finally, IdeaMarketer's small-business expert Sandy Reed gives these tips for marketing your information product:


"Write benefit oriented sales copy. Your customers want to know why they should buy your product. Remember, they will be thinking, "What's in it for me?"

Your new info product should have prominent placement on your website and blog, preferably above the fold.

Have a dynamite cover made to showcase the product. Vaughan at is a resource I have used regularly, although there are many others.

Create excitement by sending out pre-launch emails to your database of clients. Offer a special price for the first 50 sales (or something comparable).

Use your newsletter to promote your info product (and cover). Also, advertise in other affiliates' newsletters, which are serving your target market."

Remember, somewhere within you is knowledge and experience that is uniquely yours and that can benefit others. Identify it, then package it into a format that suits your personality (teleclasses, online courses, a book, ebook, video or audio). The possibilities are endless when you use your imagination and set to work!

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Make Easy Money Using Paypal

By Max Harris

Paypal has been a very popular place for people looking to make money online. In this article you will find 5 easy ways to make money using paypal. These are all techniques both newbies and veterans use and even if you have no experience at making money online, there are many options and all you have to do is try them! Hopefully these 5 ways to make money using paypal will help you get started!

Before we get to the techniques though, it is important that you set up a paypal account. once you're done with that, these 5 different ways to make money all offer great benefits:

1. E-bay:

E-bay is one of the largest online stores in the world where anyone can sell anything. All you have to do here is set up an e-bay account and sell anything you'd like. Whether it be one of your old props you don't want anymore or if you have some collectible item that is of value, E-bay is quite possibly the best place to sell it because you can auction it and find some really good buyers! The set up is very easy and you will receive all the money you earn through paypal.

2. Blogging:

Blogging involves making an internet journal. Blogspot is the most popular one because anyone can set up a blogging website and post entries in there. Based on what your blog is based on, you can attract viewers and link them to your e-bay page or anything else you're selling online.

3. Affiliate Marketing:

This is my favorite technique because it offers very little liability. Affiliate marketing involves you selling other people's items and making a commission on every sale. E-bay offers affiliate programs, but I stick to clickbank (free guide provided later on). Affiliate marketing is quite possibly one of the easiest and most profitable ways to make money using paypal.

4. Craig's list:

Craig's list is a popular website where people put up something to sell. It is like e-bay but is free. It doesn't get as much attention as e-bay but it definitely has a lot of potential to make money if you have something of value. You can even promote other people's items from popular websites like clickbank and commission junction, put them up on Craig's list and let it make money over and over!

5. Article marketing:

This is the technique I use to generate $1,000s every month. It is very easy and doesn't even involves paypal. All you do is register on clickbank and promote products and make money by just writing articles!

It is a very easy task once you try it a couple of times you will be amazed at how much money you can make. You can get a free 27 page guide on how to make $1,000s doing article marketing here!

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