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Make money online is not easy as people say.We can’t make thousand dollar just 1 day without working for it.

In this site i’ll show you how to make money online techniques.You can also find people who have succeed in earning thousand dollar per day

Find your easiest way to make money online just in this site!!!

“Just follow the instructions step by step and get your money”

But before you read the instructions, I hope you have determined that making money online is not get rich overnight scheme.

Good Luck!!!

Kamis, 30 Oktober 2008

Soft Sell Takes Another Step Into the Mainstream

By Jim Sniechowski Platinum Quality Author

We just received an email quoting very successful copywriter, Bob Bly. He's been writing for years and is very well known in Direct Marketing as well as in Internet marketing industries.

A few of his many clients are: CBS Market Watch, Forbes, Harvard Business School, Kiplinger, McGraw-Hill, Nature, Nightingale-Conant, New York Times Syndicate, Prentice Hall, Scientific American.

Here's the quote:

"The teaching of how to make money marketing information on the Internet has gone from an honorable, honest profession to a hype-filled, slime-infested jungle. Each day, the claims get more and more outrageous.

'I made $1 million in 17 seconds on the Internet!' one promoter screams.

'Join my Delta Mega Force Team today and get a Rolls Royce with your first affiliate commission check,' another shouts even more loudly.

"Does brag-and-boast advertising like this - especially from so-called marketing gurus you never heard of before - make you skeptical?

"To me, these outrageous promotions ... sorely lacking in credibility ... make me want to toss my cookies!"

That's what we've been saying all along. Outrageous. Not credible. Hype-filled.

Copywriters who depend on hyperbole aren't believable because their copy isn't authentic. It lacks a sincere emotional connection because they're not sincerely emotionally involved. Their entire focus is on making the sale rather than truly servicing those who might be interested.

When genuine, heartfelt emotion is absent copywriters are compelled to use hype which pushes them over the top because they're forced to try to generate a feeling response from their readers but they only have their brain-space to work with.

We welcome Bly's acknowledgment of the problem for which Soft Sell Copywriting and Soft Sell Marketing is a solution.

Because we all need to treat our potential customers with respect and dignity. And it serves our own integrity and the growth of our businesses to use a caring conscience to create compelling presentations in our writing, whether blog post or sales letter.

It's the human-to-human, heart-to-heart connection that makes for the best sales.

Remember, your marketing campaign stands on your Internet platform. You can get solid, proven guidance on how to build your Soft Sell platform by downloading our FREE 60 minute audio - "How to Build Your Soft Sell Platform - at

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Internet Marketing Tips - The Best Kind of Internet Marketing Income

By Roger Hoggers Platinum Quality Author

The best income of any kind is always residual income. With internet marketing, what you are always trying to accomplish, if you are doing it right is to develop residual income.

What is the difference between residual income and regular income? When you go to work, you work for a period of time and are paid for the time that you are at work. When you develop a residual income, you work for a period of time, and you are paid on an ongoing basis for the work that you did. Even if it is a small amount, it is important because they add on to each other.

Lets say you build a website which earns you $20 per month. That does not seem like very much money, but if you build 10 websites that all average about $20 per month, now you have $200 per month and you are starting to see the value of residual income.

One of the best ways that I have ever come across to build a residual income is internet marketing. In one of my past careers, I have been a real estate agent. This was fun and lucrative. When I sold a house, I would earn a great deal of money for the sale. However, if I wanted to earn more money, I would have to sell another house.

In my current career, I can very easily build a website, and earn a certain amount of money practically for ever. If I need more money, I can build another website.

What are the 3 things that internet marketers must do to survive?

Find out this and more with the help of Action-Innovations.

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Senin, 27 Oktober 2008

Making Money Online - How Do You Find a Product That Will Sell?

By Andy Mordley Platinum Quality Author

I make money online by selling other people's products via affiliate marketing. I find a niche, find products that I can promote and then set up a website to market them. Finding products to sell is one of the trickiest parts of any project - and my choice of product has led to some huge successes - and some monumental failures!

The most important aspect to consider is what people are likely to be searching for when they come across your product. Are they looking to buy something (or could they be persuaded to buy) or are there just looking for information. You could get 1 million visitors to your website, but if your not selling a product that those visitors would want to by then you won't make any sales.

To illustrate the problem I set up a website recently to sell an autism information product. I thought that I couldn't go wrong - a high quality product, a great sales page, a very poplar condition (1 in 160 births) and virtually no competition in AdWords. I set up an amazing website and launched a pay per click campaign. I had loads of targeted visitors but didn't make a single sale. And the ppc campaign cost me a fortune. Why did it fail? Because people trying to find information about autism aren't looking to buy because there's heaps of free information out there.

When selling information products you need to focus on finding products that are likely to appeal to people who are after something for nothing, trying to achieve the impossible or are likely to buy out of desperation. These buyers are always very eager to part with their money out of hope. For example, information products promising cures to poorly treated and unpleasant conditions always sell well as do products teaching people how to improve their appearance or figure (weight loss or muscle building). Is this ethical? Yes! Welcome to the cruel world of marketing. It goes on all around us every single day. Think about cosmetics for example - you can sell a cream for $100 a gram if comes with a promise that it will make you look 10 years younger. When finding products to market one of the most effective strategies is to focus on selling hope.

Bear in mind however that you must also focus on finding high quality products. Promote poor quality products and the refund rate will be high and people will never buy from you again. I never sell a product unless I have personally bought and reviewed it myself and feel happy and comfortable with the content.

If you are interested in learning more about what types of products to promote there are blueprints available elsewhere on the net that not only tell you precisely what products to promote, but also exactly how to go about marketing them.

Check out Andy's website to learn about online income generating methods which can be successfully applied by anybody -

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Name Some Methods to Make Money With Ebook Writing

By Sean R Mize Platinum Quality Author

Looking for ways on how you can make more money from your electronic books? Then, read on and find out!

1. Go with profitable topics. If you want your ebooks to sell like hotcakes online, you better write about topics that are interesting and valuable to the lives of your potential clients so you can easily convince these people to make a purchase. Instead of doing the guessing game or relying on your intuition, it's better if you can do a keyword research that can help you identify the most searched keywords/subjects within your chosen niche. You may also opt to talk directly to your potential clients and ask them about the information that they need through relevant blogs and forums or by sending them surveys or questionnaires through your autoresponders.

2. Multiply the number of your ebooks. You can easily augment your earnings from this endeavor if you can boost the number of your ebooks. Just make sure that you don't sacrifice the quality in the process so you can still offer your readers with their money's worth. Stay productive by managing your time effectively, staying focused and motivated, and by writing short ebooks instead of lengthy ones.

3. Satisfy your readers. This is not only to promote repeat business among these people but also to convince them to recommend your ebooks to their friends and family members. Remember, word-of-mouth advertising is such an effective advertising tool that can help you augment your online earnings in no time. Ensure that your ebooks are of high quality and offer your readers with after sales support.

4. Aggressive marketing strategies. You cannot possibly generate huge sales if no one knows about your ebooks. Give them the right kind of exposure by advertising them using all efficient and cost-effective tools that are available in the internet today. If you don't have the money to spare just yet, you can focus your time and energy on free advertising tools. These include article marketing, forum posting, ezine publishing, email marketing, blogging, and SEO.

5. Sell ad spaces. Another way to augment your earnings from your ebooks is by selling ad spaces to interested marketers. To bring value to your readers, ensure that the ads you put on your content are highly related to your main topic. If you are writing about weight loss, diet pills and supplements are the best choices.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article writing success, 'Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide'

Download it free here: Secrets of Article Writing

Do you want to learn how to build a big online subscriber list fast? Click here: Secrets of List Building

Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 9034 articles in print and 14 published ebooks.

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Senin, 13 Oktober 2008

Make Easy Money Online in 3 Easy Steps

By Steven Wagenheim Platinum Quality Author

Everybody wants to make a killing on the Internet and they want to do it fast. Well, I'm going to share with you the three best ways to make some real easy money online. They won't cost you more than a few pennies to implement and you'll be raking in the bucks before you can say "Bob's your uncle." Sound good? Great, then let's get started.

Step one is to go get yourself a free blog at either Blogger, Wordpress or wherever. It doesn't really matter where. The reason you want to do this is because Google, for whatever reason, has a love affair with blogs. If you have a blog and update it often, you'll find that Google will shoot you right up the ranks of their search engine pretty quick. This in turn will translate into you getting a lot of traffic.

Step two is to sign up with an affiliate program like Clickbank. You're going to promote one of their top affiliate products. The niche almost doesn't matter, though some are better than others. What you want to do is write a review of this product and post it on your blog. Why? Because people looking for products are looking for reviews so that they can make informed decisions about the product. Write to the creator and ask for a free copy. Tell him you want to promote it. Nine times out of ten, he'll send you one.

Step three is the critical step. Write articles based on the topic related to this product and submit them to article directories. Make sure in the resource box that you have a strong call to action to go to your blog to read the review of the product. People will then go to your blog, read the review, check out the sales page and ultimately buy the product. If this sounds too easy, trust me, it is. All you need to do is follow the steps.

For more info on just how to make this work like magic, check the link in my signature.

Making money online really IS easy...once you know how it's done.

To YOUR Success,

Steven Wagenheim

Want to really make this system work like magic? Check out my site at and turn yourself into a money making machine literally overnight.

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Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

If You Can't Make Money Without Money, You Can't Make Money With Money

By Daniel Massicotte

Picture a student living in a 1.5 room apartment with an internet connection, a full course load and a driving passion to make on online business that works. Ten years ago, most people would have thought this student is a fool.

Today, I know that this student is going to find what he is looking for, because of one word:


The saying goes, "You need money to make money." I disagree.

Allow me to explain with three scenarios:

Student-entrepreneur A makes a business of his HTML site building skills to make websites for people at $100/contract. All he needs is a computer and an internet connection. Because this entrepreneur has taken advantage of a skill he can provide (that he is really good at) at no additional cost to himself, upon graduation he is already ahead of his peers.

Student-entrepreneur B writes an E-book to guide his fellow classmates when they give an oral presentation in class. He has had countless success stories of presentations he has given with positive results. He sells his book on the internet to other students who are looking for the key to giving a good oral presentation. The book is a flop, but he keeps trying to find ways to market new products and gain experience.

Here we have two examples of students who have nothing but free time on the weekend and an internet connection to begin taking control over their own lives.

Let me give you a third profile.

Student-entrepreneur C is studying business in university. Unlike the first two he decides to wait until he graduates before he takes on any new projects. He has some great break-through ideas, but all his advisors are telling him to focus on school because "it is a full time job in and of itself" and "your grades will follow you for life." Upon graduation this entrepreneur gets a full time job in Documentation at a paper company and during his evenings he works on his business projects. He also gets married, buys a house and starts raising a family.

In which of these examples do you see Bill Gates? What about Steve Jobs?

Of the three entrepreneurs, which ones do you think are following their passions?

Since I am throwing quotes out quite a bit, here is another one:

"What a man does on his free time determines who he really is."

When you graduate with your undergraduate degree, employers are looking for experience. Unfortunately, you can only get experience by being hired by an employer who understands that you have NO experience...but all the employers want candidates with experience!

There seems to be a vicious circle.


If you have been working in tune with your passion, this should not be an issue. If you are passionate about starting businesses, or writing books, or geography or politics-You should have plenty of experience from initiatives you have taken up on your own. Enough that would amaze any employer.

Daniel Massicotte, Fourth Year Student at McGill University (English Major, Business Minor). Have a Presentation You Need to Ace? Visit for more tips and a student-priced e-book that guides you step by step to make it to the top of your class.

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Selasa, 07 Oktober 2008


By Rudy Tanaka

Are you a newbie marketer and trying to make easy money from internet??
Maybe you have heard many way to make easy money from internet.Or you have tried many programs that promise you a lot of profits and you have lost much money for those programs but you didn’t able make money with them.
Many people have asked why they didn’t make money even they have paid much money.
Or even you are one of them before…….
Don’t worry…
Today is your lucky day.Because this article will tell you how to make easy money online just in 7 easy steps with zero budget.

These are the 7 easy steps to make easy money online:

1. Find a niche
First of all, find your niche.Pick 1 spesific category you interest or you can analyze what is hot right now.You can find what is hot now at Google by using “hot trends” keyword or you can find it at Amazon what is best seller now.

2. Find your product
Now, I assume you have make your “hot” niche.The next step is find your product.But don’t create your product first because it will spend your time and of course your money.This is why most newbie quit from internet marketing.They have spend much money and time to make their product and no sale...
You can find your “hot”product in few affiliate programs.This is simple and you must not make product.Once somenone buys the product through your link, you immediately get commission.Simple and easy right?

3. Create a website
Next, build a website to place your product in.You can find many free hosting on the internet.
If you are an experienced programmer or are familiar with html, frontpage, or dream weaver, then creating your web site should be a cinch.
If you are beginner I recommend you to use blog because it is easy to manage.

4. Write Article related to your niche
Now you want to add article related to your niche.You can write that article yourself.Or you can read other website and rewrite the information in your words.The article must written in your words to avoid duplicated content that will hurt your site rangkings in search engines.
If you don’t have time to write that article you can hire a writer.Even you can make your name as the author.But you must pay to the writer.

5. Give Something to your customer/visitor
Don’t let your visitor or your customer leave your site with empty hand.Give them free download ebook that you have written with your link in it.Beside your visitor/customer happy you can promote your website and your product in it and increase your website traffic.

6. Increase your website traffic
Join some forum related to your website.Or you can find some website related to your website and ask them to exchange link.Beside that, I recommend you to submit your site to famous search engine like Google, Yahoo, etc.You can also submit your article to article directories like
Find popular blogs that are related to your website's subject. Frequently post feedback and be sure to include your website's address. Be sure that the feedback is genuine and useful, so it is not viewed as spamming. Give helpful comments often, and others will visit your website.

7. Generate Your visitor
Of course you must build a relationship between you and your customer,Ask their email when they visit your website so you can email them regularly about your new product and helpful information.So promote, promote and promote..
These will make more, more, and more money for you…
An don’t be forget to update your site continually.

Good Luck in your adventure!!!

I strongly recommended of “make easy money with Google” because in that book therea are so many secret about adsense and of course you can make easy money from Google adsense.Get it for only $6.68 in here

Do you want to learn more about make easy money online and the secrets of make money online?Get it for FREE in here!!!!

Rudy Tanaka is a internet marketing specialist and dedicated to helping others and offering the best information on how to make more money online.

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