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Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2008

If You Can't Make Money Without Money, You Can't Make Money With Money

By Daniel Massicotte

Picture a student living in a 1.5 room apartment with an internet connection, a full course load and a driving passion to make on online business that works. Ten years ago, most people would have thought this student is a fool.

Today, I know that this student is going to find what he is looking for, because of one word:


The saying goes, "You need money to make money." I disagree.

Allow me to explain with three scenarios:

Student-entrepreneur A makes a business of his HTML site building skills to make websites for people at $100/contract. All he needs is a computer and an internet connection. Because this entrepreneur has taken advantage of a skill he can provide (that he is really good at) at no additional cost to himself, upon graduation he is already ahead of his peers.

Student-entrepreneur B writes an E-book to guide his fellow classmates when they give an oral presentation in class. He has had countless success stories of presentations he has given with positive results. He sells his book on the internet to other students who are looking for the key to giving a good oral presentation. The book is a flop, but he keeps trying to find ways to market new products and gain experience.

Here we have two examples of students who have nothing but free time on the weekend and an internet connection to begin taking control over their own lives.

Let me give you a third profile.

Student-entrepreneur C is studying business in university. Unlike the first two he decides to wait until he graduates before he takes on any new projects. He has some great break-through ideas, but all his advisors are telling him to focus on school because "it is a full time job in and of itself" and "your grades will follow you for life." Upon graduation this entrepreneur gets a full time job in Documentation at a paper company and during his evenings he works on his business projects. He also gets married, buys a house and starts raising a family.

In which of these examples do you see Bill Gates? What about Steve Jobs?

Of the three entrepreneurs, which ones do you think are following their passions?

Since I am throwing quotes out quite a bit, here is another one:

"What a man does on his free time determines who he really is."

When you graduate with your undergraduate degree, employers are looking for experience. Unfortunately, you can only get experience by being hired by an employer who understands that you have NO experience...but all the employers want candidates with experience!

There seems to be a vicious circle.


If you have been working in tune with your passion, this should not be an issue. If you are passionate about starting businesses, or writing books, or geography or politics-You should have plenty of experience from initiatives you have taken up on your own. Enough that would amaze any employer.

Daniel Massicotte, Fourth Year Student at McGill University (English Major, Business Minor). Have a Presentation You Need to Ace? Visit for more tips and a student-priced e-book that guides you step by step to make it to the top of your class.