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Senin, 27 Oktober 2008

Making Money Online - How Do You Find a Product That Will Sell?

By Andy Mordley Platinum Quality Author

I make money online by selling other people's products via affiliate marketing. I find a niche, find products that I can promote and then set up a website to market them. Finding products to sell is one of the trickiest parts of any project - and my choice of product has led to some huge successes - and some monumental failures!

The most important aspect to consider is what people are likely to be searching for when they come across your product. Are they looking to buy something (or could they be persuaded to buy) or are there just looking for information. You could get 1 million visitors to your website, but if your not selling a product that those visitors would want to by then you won't make any sales.

To illustrate the problem I set up a website recently to sell an autism information product. I thought that I couldn't go wrong - a high quality product, a great sales page, a very poplar condition (1 in 160 births) and virtually no competition in AdWords. I set up an amazing website and launched a pay per click campaign. I had loads of targeted visitors but didn't make a single sale. And the ppc campaign cost me a fortune. Why did it fail? Because people trying to find information about autism aren't looking to buy because there's heaps of free information out there.

When selling information products you need to focus on finding products that are likely to appeal to people who are after something for nothing, trying to achieve the impossible or are likely to buy out of desperation. These buyers are always very eager to part with their money out of hope. For example, information products promising cures to poorly treated and unpleasant conditions always sell well as do products teaching people how to improve their appearance or figure (weight loss or muscle building). Is this ethical? Yes! Welcome to the cruel world of marketing. It goes on all around us every single day. Think about cosmetics for example - you can sell a cream for $100 a gram if comes with a promise that it will make you look 10 years younger. When finding products to market one of the most effective strategies is to focus on selling hope.

Bear in mind however that you must also focus on finding high quality products. Promote poor quality products and the refund rate will be high and people will never buy from you again. I never sell a product unless I have personally bought and reviewed it myself and feel happy and comfortable with the content.

If you are interested in learning more about what types of products to promote there are blueprints available elsewhere on the net that not only tell you precisely what products to promote, but also exactly how to go about marketing them.

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