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Kamis, 30 Oktober 2008

Internet Marketing Tips - The Best Kind of Internet Marketing Income

By Roger Hoggers Platinum Quality Author

The best income of any kind is always residual income. With internet marketing, what you are always trying to accomplish, if you are doing it right is to develop residual income.

What is the difference between residual income and regular income? When you go to work, you work for a period of time and are paid for the time that you are at work. When you develop a residual income, you work for a period of time, and you are paid on an ongoing basis for the work that you did. Even if it is a small amount, it is important because they add on to each other.

Lets say you build a website which earns you $20 per month. That does not seem like very much money, but if you build 10 websites that all average about $20 per month, now you have $200 per month and you are starting to see the value of residual income.

One of the best ways that I have ever come across to build a residual income is internet marketing. In one of my past careers, I have been a real estate agent. This was fun and lucrative. When I sold a house, I would earn a great deal of money for the sale. However, if I wanted to earn more money, I would have to sell another house.

In my current career, I can very easily build a website, and earn a certain amount of money practically for ever. If I need more money, I can build another website.

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