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Senin, 27 Oktober 2008

Name Some Methods to Make Money With Ebook Writing

By Sean R Mize Platinum Quality Author

Looking for ways on how you can make more money from your electronic books? Then, read on and find out!

1. Go with profitable topics. If you want your ebooks to sell like hotcakes online, you better write about topics that are interesting and valuable to the lives of your potential clients so you can easily convince these people to make a purchase. Instead of doing the guessing game or relying on your intuition, it's better if you can do a keyword research that can help you identify the most searched keywords/subjects within your chosen niche. You may also opt to talk directly to your potential clients and ask them about the information that they need through relevant blogs and forums or by sending them surveys or questionnaires through your autoresponders.

2. Multiply the number of your ebooks. You can easily augment your earnings from this endeavor if you can boost the number of your ebooks. Just make sure that you don't sacrifice the quality in the process so you can still offer your readers with their money's worth. Stay productive by managing your time effectively, staying focused and motivated, and by writing short ebooks instead of lengthy ones.

3. Satisfy your readers. This is not only to promote repeat business among these people but also to convince them to recommend your ebooks to their friends and family members. Remember, word-of-mouth advertising is such an effective advertising tool that can help you augment your online earnings in no time. Ensure that your ebooks are of high quality and offer your readers with after sales support.

4. Aggressive marketing strategies. You cannot possibly generate huge sales if no one knows about your ebooks. Give them the right kind of exposure by advertising them using all efficient and cost-effective tools that are available in the internet today. If you don't have the money to spare just yet, you can focus your time and energy on free advertising tools. These include article marketing, forum posting, ezine publishing, email marketing, blogging, and SEO.

5. Sell ad spaces. Another way to augment your earnings from your ebooks is by selling ad spaces to interested marketers. To bring value to your readers, ensure that the ads you put on your content are highly related to your main topic. If you are writing about weight loss, diet pills and supplements are the best choices.

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Sean Mize is a full time internet marketer who has written over 9034 articles in print and 14 published ebooks.