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Kamis, 30 Oktober 2008

Soft Sell Takes Another Step Into the Mainstream

By Jim Sniechowski Platinum Quality Author

We just received an email quoting very successful copywriter, Bob Bly. He's been writing for years and is very well known in Direct Marketing as well as in Internet marketing industries.

A few of his many clients are: CBS Market Watch, Forbes, Harvard Business School, Kiplinger, McGraw-Hill, Nature, Nightingale-Conant, New York Times Syndicate, Prentice Hall, Scientific American.

Here's the quote:

"The teaching of how to make money marketing information on the Internet has gone from an honorable, honest profession to a hype-filled, slime-infested jungle. Each day, the claims get more and more outrageous.

'I made $1 million in 17 seconds on the Internet!' one promoter screams.

'Join my Delta Mega Force Team today and get a Rolls Royce with your first affiliate commission check,' another shouts even more loudly.

"Does brag-and-boast advertising like this - especially from so-called marketing gurus you never heard of before - make you skeptical?

"To me, these outrageous promotions ... sorely lacking in credibility ... make me want to toss my cookies!"

That's what we've been saying all along. Outrageous. Not credible. Hype-filled.

Copywriters who depend on hyperbole aren't believable because their copy isn't authentic. It lacks a sincere emotional connection because they're not sincerely emotionally involved. Their entire focus is on making the sale rather than truly servicing those who might be interested.

When genuine, heartfelt emotion is absent copywriters are compelled to use hype which pushes them over the top because they're forced to try to generate a feeling response from their readers but they only have their brain-space to work with.

We welcome Bly's acknowledgment of the problem for which Soft Sell Copywriting and Soft Sell Marketing is a solution.

Because we all need to treat our potential customers with respect and dignity. And it serves our own integrity and the growth of our businesses to use a caring conscience to create compelling presentations in our writing, whether blog post or sales letter.

It's the human-to-human, heart-to-heart connection that makes for the best sales.

Remember, your marketing campaign stands on your Internet platform. You can get solid, proven guidance on how to build your Soft Sell platform by downloading our FREE 60 minute audio - "How to Build Your Soft Sell Platform - at